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Business Analyst Training
8-week Program 

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"All the tools and techniques you need to become a Business Analyst and break into the world of tech."

This program is ideal for aspiring business analysts and professionals who would like to break into IT. You'll be well equipped with the practical and emotional intelligence skills to become a successful Biz analyst 

The Business Analyst program runs 2 hours every Monday-Friday for 8 weeks 

On this program you'll learn:

  • What is Business Analysis

  • Step by step tutorial on how to use Biz & Data tools and techniques  

  • Effective workshop facilitation techniques

  • Real-time Agile project experience

  • Real-time Waterfall project experience

  • Self-awareness skills

  • conflict management skills

  • Empathy and active listening skills

  • Managing people and influence skills

  • CV Building, Interview tips and techniques

Price: $10,000

If you have any further questions, email us at

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