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1:1 Coaching program for service providers, freelancers and coaches

Teaching subject-matter experts the blueprint to start their own online coaching business and scale to 5-figure+ consistent months.

Meet Take off with Tami®

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My name is Tami Adeleke. I'm a qualified and seasoned Business, Top Branding & the one and only 'The Niche Up Coach' ® who has over 8 years of Business Analysis & 2 year Branding experience working with 500 fortune companies and small business owners alike.

I'm a highly creative individual with an eye for personal branding and Image refinement. I've been able to successfully monetize my own brand selling 1:1 mid-to-high ticket offers and coached over 10 clients to achieve the same. 

My mission continues to help new coaches build an invincible brand online that will lead to 5-figure months in your coaching business using the 'Invincible Brand' Framework.

The 'Invincible' Framework consist of the 4 I's - Integrity, Image, Inner Confidence & Inner Self Belief

The 'Brand' Framework consist of - Business, Relatability, Awareness, Niche & Delivery 

It's a holistic framework that goes above and beyond the average business & branding strategy, a framework that is overlooked by many.

The Framework is proven to help clients to:

Identify, build & grow their main social media platform(s).

Stop posting randomly & know how to create content that converts.

Become an authority in their niche.

Master going live on social media with ease and become a sought after public speaker. 

Master the art of selling a mid-to-high 1:1 signature coaching offer.

Market your social brand organically without paid ads & build a community of quality prospects.

Scale to 5 figure+ consistent months and go full-time in your Coaching Business. 

Click the link below to begin your journey today.

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