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Meet Take off with Tami®

I'm Tami Adeleke, an entrepreneur and artist at heart, as well as a qualified and seasoned Business Analyst, and the exclusive 'The Niche Up Coach' ® by profession.


With over 8 years of experience in Business Analysis and 2 years in Branding, I've collaborated with both Fortune 500 companies and small business owners.


On my journey, I successfully secured a role in the tech industry as a Business Analyst and smoothly transitioned into contracting, achieving six-figure earnings as a self-employed professional in the UK.


I've guided and coached more than 30 business analysts, aiding them in landing their initial tech roles and boosting their career confidence to negotiate and attain six-figure salaries.


My mission is to continuously inspire ambitious tech professionals and small business owners, helping them attain similar or greater success through my dedicated app.

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